SISCO is ready to design customized formulations for its customers’ applications, supported by the SISCO R&D team’s technical capability as well as its equipment. It is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the customer’s desired product and compatibility with the different polymer properties.
SISCO Vision
SISCO is working to become the leading raw materials and produst supplier
in piping and irrigation industry at CIS and Middle East countries.
SISCO Mission
Has always sought to increase the quality and variety of its products by recruiting elite and sophisticated staff,
as well as equipping its production lines and acquiring new technologies.
SISCO Values
Commitment to ethics & Maintaining human dignity and respect for human beings
On its way to achieving its goals
SISCO Shipping
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SISCO at a Glance

SISCO was founded in 2007 to produce special compounds used in the piping and irrigation industry. SISCO has been striving to produce high quality products throughout the years and has constantly refined its product portfolio to meet its customer needs. That’s why SISCO is currently offering products and services to its customers in two areas of polymer products and raw polymeric materials. Well-trained and knowledgeable human resource, along with sophisticated production equipment, have been two of SISCO’s key strengths throughout the years.


SISCO ready-to-process (One-pack) rotational molding compounds are polyethylene based powders that contain necessary additives to produce various products by rotational molding. These products are made of polyethylene and a range of high quality additives such as pigments, antioxidants, antimicrobials, anti UV and so on with SISCO’s unique compounding technology. This compounds also available in different colors according to customer’s order.

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